Why Choose Neoteric?


We know that design is about more than just a sleek appearance, and we’re proud to offer you the Neoteric Hovertrek hovercraft as our masterstroke. An icon in the hovercraft industry, our single engine, single fan design is a fusion of aesthetics and performance.


Neoteric has a level of experience and professionalism superior to any other light hovercraft manufacturer. When the U. S. Coast Guard surveyed marine craft manufacturers, they discovered that most of them had no engineers at all, while Neoteric has been founded by a team of Engineers. This is why they consistently produce hovercraft that are innovative and a standard in the industry.


Neoteric offers you the only production model hovercraft available in a do-it-yourself, partially assembled hovercraft kit. This enables you to buy a craft at a substantial savings of 25% and to experience the excitement of constructing your own hovercraft. Many have found that building a hovercraft makes a great family project. It involves rudimentary workshop skills, a garage-sized workshop and common hand tools.


NEOTERIC PATENTED REVERSE THRUST SYSTEM Patented worldwide, this system provides all Neoteric models with superb maneuverability for reversing, yawing, spinning, braking, maintaining lift cushion downwind at speed, and is absolutely essential over ice and rapidly flowing water. Delivering 60% thrust when reversing, the Neoteric reverse thrust is well ahead of jet aircraft in efficiency, in that they typically deliver a mere 18%. The Neoteric Hovertrek hovercraft is so efficient that it can achieve a speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) in reverse.

LOWEST THRUST LINE Having a smaller fan than any other hovercraft manufacturer's, the thrust is nearer to the traveling surface. This enables Neoteric hovercraft to remain level (trimmed) even as thrust and engine speed change. It also provides improved banking for turns, ameliorates fan torque, which causes other hovercraft to roll to one side during acceleration, and renders the machine more stable than those with larger fans.

DUAL DIRECTION RUDDERS Stationary blades behind the fan straighten the turbulent air flow so that it crosses the rudders evenly. Neoteric's one-of-a-kind stator system makes rudders 100% effective, left or right. They improve the efficiency of the lift system, the reverse thrust system when fitted, and cause an increase in the amount of thrust.

LOWEST PROFILE AND CENTER OF MASS Five main benefits result from Neoteric's minimum overall height: a significant reduction of air drag, less crosswind impairment of maneuverability, increased ability to clear overhanging obstructions, increased stability through virtually eliminating the danger of turning over, and a sleek, sporty appearance.

HAND-LAID FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION Each Neoteric machine is individually crafted of carefully chosen materials and components to ensure a high degree of quality and performance. The use of fiberglass composite urethane and PVC foam core construction rather than thermoplastic, results in a lightweight, rigid and durable craft that can easily be repaired.

BROAD BAND EXHAUST Hovertrek has an exhaust system that defies extremes in air temperature and air density. This improves engine performance in hot or cold climates and at varied altitudes.

LIGHTEST WEIGHT It's simple logic. A lighter craft moves more easily and allows increased payload capacity. Neoteric makes the lightest production hovercraft on the market, requiring minimal cruising power and resultant ease of handling.

SUPERIOR STEERING SYSTEM The Hovertrek steering system differs from others in two important ways. Its wide handle bar is designed to allow the most stable pilot position: forearms slightly extended and relaxed, not tucked in. It also enhances steering sensitivity by providing stainless steel push/pull cable for positive rudder operation.

OMNIDIRECTIONAL SKIDS Wide, smooth skids run the full length of the Neoteric Hovertrek hovercraft, providing it with the capacity to land safely in any direction at any speed. It also keeps the hull from digging into the terrain. Constructed of thick and renewable composite fiberglass, skids are extremely strong, have a long life expectancy, and are designed to match the rollers of the ingenious Neoteric trailering system.

LEVEL FLIGHT With a normal load, Neoteric machines are properly trimmed, maintaining an even hoverheight. Inferior designs have nose-up trim, which causes uneven skirt wear and increased drag and spray.


CONTROLLED CRUISING THROTTLE Instead of requiring constant manual pressure on the throttle, Neoteric machines allow the pilot to relax by setting the proper tension in the adjustable BMW cruise throttle.

UP-FRONT, REMOTE ENGINE CHOKING Rather than having to manipulate the choke on the engine module, Neoteric has adapted a BMW choke control which operates easily from the handle bar.

FULL ANALOG INSTRUMENTATION The Hovertrek features analog gas gauge, cylinder head temperature gauge, exhaust gas temperature gauge, hour meter and tachometer so the pilot can see the needle positions and note changes at a glance; something impossible to do with digital instrumentation, especially in bright sunlight, where all one sees is a series of dimly flashing numbers. The rate of change is readily apparent, too. As another convenience, for night use, most instruments are lighted.

POLYCARBONATE WINDSHIELD All hovercraft generate a fine mist or spray that can be blown back on the passengers. But the Neoteric Hovercraft windshield deflects spray around the front of the passenger compartment, keeping everyone drier.

LOWEST NOISE LEVEL Engineering expertise makes the Neoteric Hovertrek the quietest production hovercraft in the industry. This is the result of the adoption of a slow fan tip speed and minimal clearance between fan and intake ducting.

LARGEST INNER HULL DRAIN One, 4 ½ in (114 mm) diameter drain plug is effective when draining the hovercraft while cleaning or for a fast remedy after taking on water.

EASIEST SKIRT ATTACHMENT In the event that a skirt needs replacement, simply slide the new skirt into the slot along the craft's edge. No mechanical fasteners are needed, which also results in a smooth, sleek, uncomplicated appearance.


ANTIPLOW/ANTIDIVE HULL Occasionally, hovercraft will plow into the water, sometimes ejecting passengers. Neoteric has developed an antidive, antiplow hull to minimize the chance of this occurring. The hull merely kisses the water and bounces back up.

HOVERING AND FLOATING STABILITY When floating in water, the buoyancy of a raft-like, solid urethane hull provides a high degree of stability, enabling passengers to move about on a level surface. Its actually possible for two or more people to stand securely on the side of the craft without tipping.

FULLY ENCLOSED ENGINE MODULE To prevent the ingestion of foreign objects that could damage the engine, fan, transmission and stator blades, the entire machinery module is covered with a wire mesh that can easily be opened for maintenance by lifting one, over-center, stainless steel latch.

SKIRT PROTECTION SYSTEM When skirts become damaged, there is a loss of cushion air and, therefore, hoverheight. This, in turn, reduces the craft's performance and maneuverability. Neoteric's patent pending design minimizes air loss, which helps maintain hoverheight and ease of operation, even if extensive skirt damage has occurred.


ONE PERSON STATIC LOADING AND UNLOADING SYSTEM With Neoteric's trailer system, one person can load and unload the hovercraft. Simply winch the craft on to load, or lift the trailer hitch to roll the craft off. Static loading produces less noise and dust...a real benefit at crowded launching ramps or parking lots.

UNDERHULL INSPECTION ABILITY Unlike other trailers that have a flat, solid deck, the winch-on Neoteric trailer is completely open, allowing convenient skirt and underhull inspections and maintenance.

LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION Weighing less than 190 lb (86 kg), Neoteric winch-on trailers are easily stored on their side to save space, and require less energy to tow than other trailers.

SPARE INCLUDED A spare tire is situated on the front of the trailer for easy access when needed.

PATENTED SWING ARMS Two, rear-mounted pivoting arms simplify the trailering process by providing an easy, light weight way to attach the tail light and license plate, while also creating a three point lock-down for securing the craft.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE The engineers at Neoteric support their products. If a customer ever finds a defect in workmanship or materials, appropriate repairs or replacement will follow.

LOWEST PRICES No other manufacturer offers a comparable model at a lower price.

CUSTOMIZING SERVICE As long as the integrity and efficiency of the machine are not impaired, Neoteric will work with the customer to personalize the various models through the use of special color schemes and the adaptation and installation of accessory equipment.