Free Pilot Training

Neoteric provides pilot training/certification and preventative maintenance instructions at our Terre Haute, IN, USA location with each deluxe hovercraft purchased without charge. On-site flight training is provided but there is a charge of $ 1,975 per day.

completed hovercraft training session

Train with the best

Make no mistake — a hovercraft requires a skilled pilot at the controls. Train with Neoteric Hovercraft pilots — the most experienced in the industry — and harness Hovertrek’s unmatched potential for recreational, rescue, military, and commercial applications.

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completed hovercraft training session

"You have given me a sense of freedom that I know only you and other Hovertrek pilots can understand. I can’t part with such a beautiful machine."

— Steven McVeety, Perth, Ontario, Canada

"There’s a lot to know before you get on one of these things. Look at it this way, would you just jump in an airplane and start flying?"

— Gary Meyers, Lake Havasu, Arizona


Price of standard flight training is $1,575 per person - upgrade options available. You will not be charged until a Neoteric team member contacts you to finalize booking.