Since 1960, we have led the effort to develop hovercraft technology, community, and awareness in more than 50 countries.

Since 1960, we have led the effort to develop hovercraft technology, community, and awareness in more than 50 countries.

Neoteric Hovercraft is no ordinary hovercraft company. Founded by cadet members of the Australian Air Training Corps, Neoteric has stood the test of time with our experience and professionalism, while countless others have come and gone. Our objective is to innovate and produce technically unchallenged light hovercraft.


1960 Founded by a group of Australian Air Training Corps Cadets, including President and lead engineer Chris Fitzgerald.

1960-70 Engineered and produced the first personal-sized hovercraft - the Neova One. Participated in the world's first hovercraft race in Canberra, Australia.

1970-80 Moved company to the US and began manufacturing hovercraft. Developed and patented ducting system with reverse thrust, making it the only hovercraft with the ability to brake, reverse and hover-in- place. Rapid innovation and growth, resulting in the production of several models for market testing.

1980-89 Entered the world of hovercraft racing and began selling to a broad market, including prominent corporate customers, with the Racer and Questrek models.

1990-99 Introduced the Hovertrek model and began supplying to commercial and recreational markets.

2000-09 Achieved worldwide expansion, invested in pilot training and education, and organized the World Hovercraft Championship.

2010-Present Massive manufacturing upgrades and high performance craft development.


"What I did not realize . . . was that this enthusiasm for hovercraft technology would become my passion and my life’s work."

— Chris Fitzgerald, President, Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.

On a pleasant Sunday evening, a friend invited me to go hovering. It was a beautiful, late summer evening with the sun's reflection washing the river in a pastel rust. With our hovercraft gliding on air above the mirror-like surface, we explored remote creeks, sand dunes and mud flats rarely seen by other human beings. The wildlife, in its magnificent display, barely noticed us as we breezed past. I marveled yet again at the majesty of hovering, regretting that not everyone would ever share this experience. Perhaps contacting us will be your first step to doing so.

More and more people are learning about hovercraft and developing the inevitable fascination with them. Mine began in 1959 when I saw TV coverage of the British Saunders Roe Nautical One (SRN1) hovercraft cross the English Channel in commemoration of a moment in aviation history – Bleriot's first crossing by airplane 50 years earlier.

At the time I was the youngest member of the Australian Experimental Aircraft Association, then known as the Ultralight Aircraft Association of Australia. Having always enjoyed anything to do with mechanics and, particularly, airplanes, I realized early on that owning a safe airplane was expensive. Therefore, I saw the hovercraft as a machine that offered safe, affordable flight, close to the ground. All that had to be done was to invent one that would be a practical size for the pilot and, possible, a few passengers. What I did not realize at the time was that this enthusiasm for hovercraft technology would become my passion and my life's work.

The pursuit of my goal has led me all over the world to meet many unique people, most of whom share the same spirited interest in hovercraft. It is my pleasure to now invite you inside Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. The links above will give you an inside view of our company and bring you into the world of hovercraft.As you peruse our hovercraft information, I entreat you to imagine yourself part of this unequaled realm.


• World’s first and only light hovercraft company with sustained success.

• Most recognizable light hovercraft brand in the world.

• Safest, most maneuverable craft due to patented reverse thrust.

• Leading global supplier, with 50% of sales to government institutions.

• Only light hovercraft capable of reversing and braking.

• 500+ pilots and techs trained on Neoteric hovercraft.

• Best reputation in the business for reliability, on-time delivery, training, technical support, and consulting.