Options are an easy way to customize your hovercraft as well as increase its capabilities. For any Neoteric hovercraft, you can choose from more than 70 options and accessories; a few of the popular ones are featured below.

When you select your hovercraft, we’ll work with you to explore all the possibilities!

Hovercraft Engine Options

Neoteric Hovercraft utilizes three state-of-the-art aircraft engines, all manufactured by Hirth Engine Co. in Germany: the Hirth 2703 (55 hp), 3203 (65 hp) and 3701 (100 hp). These durable 2-cycle engines have a higher power-to-weight ratio than any other light aircraft engine.

Hirth 55 hp Engine (Part #2703)

  • 55 hp (41 kw) two cylinder, air cooled aluminum engine with optional oil injection
  • Includes electric and manual start
  • Weighs 82 lb. (37.3 kg.)

Hirth 65 hp Engine (Part #3203)

  • 65 hp (49 kw) two cylinder, fan cooled aluminum engine with optional oil injection
  • Includes electric and manual start
  • Weighs 82 lb. (37.3 kg.)

Hirth 100 hp Engine (Part #3701)

  • 100 hp (74 kw) carbureted three cylinder, liquid cooled aluminum engine
  • Electric start
  • Weighs 108 lb. (49 kg.)

Low Profile VHF Antenna (Part #3515)

An onboard communication system is an asset for any hovercraft – rescue, recreational, commercial or military. This 5 dBi, 3-foot tall antenna matches the VHS radio Neoteric offers and is perfect for hovercraft use – it’s lightweight, waterproof, flexible and easily deflects when passing under low obstacles. (Requires Antenna Mount Part #3523.)

VHF Antenna Mount (Part #3523)

This tough nylon adjustable antenna mount lets you modify the antenna position both vertically and horizontally for trailering your hovercraft, or for hovering under low hanging vegetation, low bridges or other structures. (Antenna not included.)

Hovercraft Cover (Part #5717)

Each Neoteric hovercraft cover is hand-tailored from 5 ½ ounce nylon pack cloth and custom fitted to your particular hovercraft model. For instance, covers are fitted with zip-in pockets to accommodate hovercraft with cabins or radar towers. Its color will match your hovercraft’s skirt. Designed primarily for storage, hovercraft covers can also be used for trailering if stretched tightly to prevent flapping, since their durable material may damage the hovercraft’s finish.

Hovercraft Fiberglass Repair Kit (Part #2986)

Should your hovercraft hull or body sustain any structural damage, the easiest – and least expensive – way to mend it is with our Hovercraft Fiberglass Repair Kit. Full instructions are included, and no experience with fiberglass is needed. DIY hovercraft repairs are far less costly than taking it to a marina or auto body shop.

Fiberglass Hovercraft Cabin (Part #1964)

Installing a cabin on your hovercraft gives you a clean, dry, comfortable hovercraft flight. It protects you from adverse weather and below-freezing temperatures, and shades you from the sun. Cabins are available for 4- and 6-passenger hovercraft and match the craft color. You can choose soft roll-up doors or solid polycarbonate on a glass or metal frame. Doors can be opened from inside or out, and the craft can be flown with the doors open or closed. You can select from various windshields with 1/8” safety glass and a wiper/washer system. And you can install or remove your hovercraft’s cabin in just 15 minutes.

Gas Tank (Part #7401)

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency restricted the use of certain plastic fuel tanks, we tested numerous approved tanks. After learning that they were too heavy for efficient hovercraft use, our engineers custom designed a lightweight 13 gallon (52 L) EPA-compliant Universal Aluminum Gas Tank, which fits all Neoteric hovercraft models.

Fuel Gauge Kit (Part #3507)

The Neoteric Fuel Gauge Kit is a modified lever and float arm sender; a flexible fuel pickup is available. Our custom design makes nearly 98% of the tank’s fuel available. It also alleviates the problem of fuel pickup when the tank is near empty and your hovercraft is parked on a steep slope.

Inline Fuel System (Part #3421)

You may choose from seven Inline Fuel Systems. Many of our previous fuel system arrangements were simplified with the introduction of the new Universal Aluminum Gas Tank. However, we can still fit certain earlier designs.

Deluxe Glove Box (Part #7316)

Extra storage space is quite useful in a hovercraft; many of our customers order as many as four glove boxes. They’re a great place to securely store spare skirt segments, a tool kit, bottled drinks, cell phones and small clothing items such as hats and gloves. Molded with high impact plastic, the Neoteric glove box dimensions are …

Door: 13 7/8 inch (352 mm) long x 5 5/16 inch (135 mm) high

Box: 11 7/8 inch (302 mm) long x 4 3/8 inch (111 mm) high x 6 3/4 inch (171 mm) deep

Installation hole: 12 1/8 inch (308 mm) long x 4 5/8 (117 mm) high

Garmin GPS System (Part #3522)

The Garmin GPS System stores 72 waypoints and 20 routes. This is an inexpensive unit with strong capabilities beyond what is usually needed by recreational, commercial, military or rescue hovercraft users.

GPS and Digital Sonar (Part #9482)

5" widescreen display HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS features CHIRP Digital Sonar and GPS mapping.

The 3M PELTOR Headset (Part #9287)

The 3M PELTOR Headset All-in-one two-way radio headset allows two-way conversation on up to 30 channels and has a range of up to 2 miles (3 km) depending on condition. Operating time up to approximately 17 hours. Level dependent listening of ambient sound ensures you are not isolated from your surroundings, allowing you to still hear alarm signals, machinery and voices. Environmental microphone amplification limited to 82 dBA. Operates on communications frequencies that are subject to FCC Rules & Regulations.

Setcom Twin Talk Wireless Headset (Part #9162)

Setcom Twin Talk Wireless Headsets include a cell phone interface, a carrying case and a wall charger and they work exceptionally well in the hovercraft’s environment.

LED Work Lamp (Part #6636)

These LED Work Lamp, 4-1/2" round, prove their worth when you need to clearly see along the sides of your hovercraft – as in rescue operations when over-the-side activities occur. They’re especially valuable when you’re operating your hovercraft between trees and other obstructions as happens in flood rescue operations.

Life Jackets:

Whether your hovercraft is used for rescue, personal, commercial or military activities, a prime consideration is your safety. There’s no better way to hover safely and comfortably than with Stearns Life Jackets. These are the finest quality available, built to last a lifetime, comfortable to wear, won’t ride up your back while sitting in your hovercraft and their bright colors give you great visibility. You can choose from 3 U.S. Coast Guard approved Stearns Life Vests.

Search & Rescue Life Vest, Type III (Part #2932)

  • Hand warmer pockets with zippered/pleated gear storage compartments
  • Leg strap with storage pocket. 2" wide adjustable belts and chest strap, emergency whistle
  • Pockets and Velcro strap for light
  • 62 sq. in. (400 sq. cm.) of 3M Scotch Lite Reflective Material SOLAS-grade 6755 on panels
  • 2" wide reflective strip on back; ¾" reflective strip around collar
  • Minimum 15 ½ lb. buoyancy
  • Weighs 17 lb.

In-water Rescue Life Vest (Part #2933)

This Stearns Life Vest is designed for in-water rescue operations. Weighing 23 lb., it comes with pockets. Various buckles and additions broaden your range of possibilities; for instance, quick connect rings designed for hanging in the vest and attaching items such as knives, ropes and flashlights.

Adult Rib Life Vest, Type III (Part #2939)

  • Adjustable belt and chest straps with Delrin® buckles for a comfortable fit
  • Soft Aquafoam and durable Crosstech® flotation foam
  • Neoprene collar
  • Zipper front and D-ring
  • Two internal zippered pockets

In Dash Storage Shelf (Part #3873)

You can always use more storage in your hovercraft and this shelf is the way to create it. It’s the perfect place to stow away life jackets, flashlights, gloves, hats, swimming gear, throw bags, ropes and bottled drinks.

Hirth Oil Injection System (Part #5407)

Skip the inconvenience of having to mix 2-cycle oil with gasoline – let this Hirth Oil Injection System do it for you. Its oil storage tank holds 1 ½ pints (nearly 1 L) of 2-cycle oil, which needs topping off only about every 12 hours of use, depending upon how hard you work your hovercraft.

Paddle/Boat Hook (Part #3963)

This lightweight telescoping paddle easily adjusts from 20” to 45” with a simple twist. A section of the aluminum shaft disappears inside the blade for compact storage in your hovercraft. The high-impact molded blade, boat hook handle and hassle-free locking device ensure years of service and the bright orange blade is great for signaling in emergencies.

Fishing Rod Holders (Part #3961)

Nothing on the market works well when mounting fishing rods on a hovercraft in action. These lightweight holders are handcrafted by Neoteric specifically for hovercraft. You’ll stand out and stand up with our set of two, port and starboard, with 8 fly fishing rod holders, rear mounted.

Portable Propane Hovercraft Cabin Heater (Part #3536)

Whether you’re conducting ice rescue operations, ice fishing, or simply enjoying your hovercraft in winter, this heater is the perfect way to keep you and your passengers comfortable. The heater is powered by small, inexpensive, lightweight disposable propane tanks and can be equipped with a press button igniter. It works most efficiently in hovercraft equipped with a cabin.

Radar and Light Tower (Part #5677)

When you need more visibility or when more space is needed to mount equipment such as an antenna, remote controlled spotlight, radio masthead, flag post or radar antenna, this lightweight (11 lb.) removable tower is the perfect solution.

Safety Buoy (Part #2930)

This U.S. Coast Guard approved 24” Safety Buoy with reflective tape is a necessity in multiple victim rescue operations. It is quickly deployable and supports victims while the hovercraft makes round trips to the operations command post. The life buoy is industrial grade and built to last through repeated exposure to harsh outdoor conditions.

Dual Safety Grab Handles (Part #1311)

Grab handles in your hovercraft increase passenger safety and aid longitudinal trim adjustment. They help you maintain balance when entering or leaving your hovercraft. Also, if you own a hovercraft with side-by-side seating, they make moving the front seat back and forth much easier for you.

Hovercraft Skirt Systems:

All Neoteric Hovercraft anti-plow finger skirts give you an inventive quick-change system that lets you easily replace skirt segments in the field without the need for any tools. Our lightweight, low drag hovercraft skirt segments can be changed or replaced in less than one minute – no tools required.

Side Segment Skirt System (Part #3557)

The Hovertrek narrow Side Segment Skirt System comes in black, but you can also choose different colors to match the individual design of your hovercraft.

Rear Segment Skirt System (Part #3558)

The Hovertrek Rear Segment Skirt System is the same as the Side Segment system, but the segments have the addition of extended inner diaphragm drag flaps. These segments may be used in any location on your hovercraft’s skirt. The standard color is black, but you may customize the color to match your hovercraft.

Front Segment Skirt System (Part #5362)

The Hovertrek narrow Front Segment Skirt System has extended inner diaphragm drag flaps and can be used in any front or side location on your hovercraft. They offer a stiffer cushion, which helps mitigate the effects of plow-in. The standard color is black, but you may customize the color to match your hovercraft.

Complete Hovertrek Skirt System (Part #3559)

The complete Neoteric Hovercraft black finger skirt system includes a spare side segment, a spare rear segment, a spare front segment and 140 skirt ties. Often it is preferable to replace the entire skirt system rather than to replace individual segments; it will give you an instant improvement in your hovercraft’s performance.

Airguide Boat Compass (Part #3521)

If your hovercraft is not equipped with a GPS system, the Airguide Boat Compass is the next best thing to help you find your way. This compact, lightweight compass is extremely useful when you operate your hovercraft at night or in fog or mist. The Compass includes an expansion diaphragm, cross-bar compensation system and night illumination.

Spare Parts Kit (Part #9812)

Our Spare Parts Kit gives you the parts, tools and hardware to get your hovercraft quickly back in operation if there’s a problem – without having to waste time searching for uncommon parts in your local store. When you need a skirt segment, skirt ties, fuses, light bulbs, skirt rivets, a drain plug, a fan belt, fan shaft bearing or fan blade, or other necessary items, this Spare Parts Kits saves the day – especially if you operation your hovercraft in remote areas.

50-Foot Throw Line (Part #2927)

Throw lines are essential for many rescue operations, such as when extracting a victim from turbulent water. Even if you use your hovercraft for recreational or commercial purposes, a throw line will assist you in many ways. For example, when leaving your hovercraft to explore or hunt where there’s no landing area, you can secure your craft with rope, or you can use it to walk your floating hovercraft along a river bank or to tow it behind another vessel. This 3/8” floating rope supports up to 1,800 lb. of tensile pressure.

Uniden VHF Marine Radio (Part #3514)

No matter whether you operate a commercial, military, rescue or personal hovercraft, reliable communication is vital. You could be stranded in fog; you may need to be met at a different landing; you may have an onshore family emergency; in rescue operations you need instructions from command control … the list goes on. The Uniden fixed-mount VHF Marine Radio transmits 52 channels, receives 80 marine and 10 weather channels and it’s range is considerably more than that of most cell phones.

Additional Battery System (Part #3543)

Hovercraft lightweight "aircraft" engines are designed with small electrical generators, and the craft’s power requirements can exceed the engine’s capacity, which can affect the craft’s performance. Particularly with rescue hovercraft, which can have a considerable energy demand, an additional battery is the solution. Both batteries can be used together or individually.

Junkin Confined Space Stretcher (Part #1664)

This rugged, lightweight stokes basket is the ideal patient transport system for your hovercraft rescue team. It easily secures your patient to the hovercraft’s stretcher mount and, once on land, your team can swiftly move the patient to the next mode of transport. This speeds up your rescue operations and protects victims further trauma or injury. The stretcher weighs 23 lb. and has a 1,500 lb. load capacity. It can also be equipped with a flotation collar for handling victims in water.

Hovercraft Trailer:

Neoteric’s one-of-a-kind hovercraft trailers are easier to load and unload than any others on the market and can be operated by just one person. So lightweight they require only a small towing vehicle, our trailers are suitable for speeds up to 90 mph and long distance travel – thousands of miles …

4-Passenger and 6-Passenger Hover On/Hover Off Trailer (Part #5598)

The single axle Hover On/Hover Off Trailer is the preferred trailer in situations where rapid deployment and reloading is paramount. Easily operated by one person, it has a runaway electric braking system and is 16 ft. (5486 mm.) long and 8 ft. 6 in. (2590 mm.) wide. The trailer construction features a marine plywood deck, painted with oil based primer and black oil based enamel. The hitch ball measures 2 in. with a 7 pin round plug and the trailer comes with a spare wheel.

4-Passenger Hovercraft Winch On/Off Trailer (Part #3671)

The swing arm Winch On/Roll Off Trailer for the 4-passenger Neoteric Hovertrek™ weighs less than 200 lb. (91 kg.) and, with the hovercraft loaded, can be handled easily by one person. The hovercraft is rolled off and winched on, and swing arms make it impossible for the hovercraft and trailer to separate. It’s extremely easy to move around any garage or workshop and excellent for washing your hovercraft and conducting under hull inspections and skirt work.

6-Passenger Hovercraft Winch On / Roll Off Trailer (Part #6074)

The swing arm Winch On/Roll Off Trailer for the 6-passenger Neoteric Hovertrek™ weighs less than 220 lb. (100 kg.) and, with the hovercraft loaded, can be handled easily by one person. The hovercraft is rolled off and winched on, and swing arms make it impossible for the hovercraft and trailer to separate. It’s extremely easy to move around any garage or workshop. It’s excellent for washing your hovercraft and conducting under hull inspections and skirt work, but the trailer is front-heavy, so propping it up during this work is recommended.

Hovercraft Rescue Equipment Options

The Hovertrek-Rescue is available with a wide array of features and rescue equipment options including stretcher mounts, light bars, searchlights, GPS systems, VHF marine radios, cold water immersion suits and life vests, throw bags and wireless communication headsets. Each Hovertrek-Rescue is built to customer's distinct needs, and is guaranteed for its lifetime.