The world's No. 1 light hovercraft.

First responders, work crews and sports enthusiasts agree - Neoteric Hovertrek is the first choice in hovercraft. Part boat, part helicopter, Hovertrek is actually a flying machine, skimming just inches above the surface - no matter the weather.




 Hovertrek's surface pressure is 33 times less than a human footprint. Work or play on almost any terrain with little to no environmental impact. Hovertrek can ease your conscience as you glide over delicate habitats, disturbing nothing.


I LOVE this machine. The more I use it, the more I realize the engineering and research . . . that went into its development.
— Barry Eison, Hunter and Outdoor Enthusiast. Western Tennessee, U.S.A.


Often imitated, never duplicated.

For five decades, Neoteric has been known worldwide for innovation in technology and design. Discover the unmatched control, safety and stability only possible with Hovertrek.

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Our patented reverse thrust system makes Hovertrek the only light hovercraft with the ability to brake and reverse. Approach and navigate the tightest situations in remote locations - even under the most difficult conditions.


stable work platform

Virtually uncapsizable, Hovertrek is the only light hovercraft that functions as a stable work platform while hovering in place, or floating on it's foam-filled hull.

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Nothing does the job of a Hovertrek.

Hovertrek excels where other vehicles fail. From the placid frozen lakes of Sweden or the furious flash floods of Texas to the rich and expansive tidal flats of Kuwait — when an airplane, helicopter, boat, or ATV won't cut it, Hovertrek gets the job done.



Field-Tested & Approved

Hovertrek is the safest, most stable hovercraft on the market. Deftly maneuver around hazards like power lines, low-hanging wires, bridges, trees, and debris. No dock is required, meaning no risk of damage from running aground. And a near-zero footprint enables work in impossible environments where only a Hovertrek can get the job done.

Lightning-Fast Response

There are no second chances in first response. Hovertrek's unique capabilities allow first responders to quickly and safely perform rescues in ice, floodwater, etc. Using the craft as a work platform, teams can coordinate operations in time-sensitive situations and gather intel during emergencies - all the while hovering above the danger, not in it.

In August 2005 and on March 31, 2006 we completed our first rescue of a downed F-16 aircraft with one pilot. We were in a race against time because life flight was dispatched at the same time we were. We launched our hovercraft and beat the life flight helicopter to the pilot. Luckily the ejection from the F-16 was successful and we found him in good health.

He was amazed to see us there and surprised we beat the helo to his location.
— Cory Lingelbach, Rescue Hovercraft Training Officer. Utah Test and Training Range, U.S. DoD

Award-Winning Design

We know that design is about more than just a sleek appearance, and Hovertrek is our masterstroke. An icon in the hovercraft industry, Hovertrek's single engine, single fan design is a fusion of aesthetics and performance.

70+ customizable Features

Need add-ons? We’ve got you covered. From sophisticated tactical gear and custom mounting for search and rescue operations to a tricked-out golf cart that will break the internet, we can do that. 


How Hovertrek works:

Hovercraft utilize one or more fans or propellers to create lift and thrust. Lift air is captured in a flexible fabric skirt, causing the craft to hover above the surface. Thrust air is directed backward, moving the craft forward. Hovertrek is one of the only hovercraft to employ a single engine for both lift and thrust, making it lighter, more maneuverable and easier to maintain.

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1-4 Passenger specifications 

1-6 Passenger specifications

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