Shay and Leonard Hoffman

The Hoffmans relate their experience building a recreational hovercraft from a Neoteric Hovercraft kit…

We built the hovercraft inside our aircraft hangar, so we had plenty of room and lots of tools.

Here, there are just about as many parts on the shelf as have been installed. I wish we had taken photos when all the parts were on the shelf and then again after construction when the shelves were empty.

This is the wiring package under the hovercraft's instrument panel. We used aircraft-style fuses on the instrument panel so we could find them and replace them when needed.

Instrument Panel After Wiring.

Response from Neoteric Hovercraft:

Shay and Leonard, the trim challenge you are experiencing is a matter of learning how to accelerate through hump drag.

You can correct this by carrying a sandbag (20-30 lb) in the nose of your hovercraft until getting over hump becomes second nature. Then you can dispense with the sandbag and the difficulty will disappear.

-Chris Fitzgerald


Learning to master accelerating through hump drag is an important part of the certified pilot training (land, water and classroom) Neoteric offers its customers – free with purchase at our Terre Haute location. We also offer pilot training without purchase, and will apply the training fee to the purchase price should you decide to buy a Neoteric hovercraft.

For training at your location or for more information, call 1800-285-3761.