Chris Wayman

Hovergarage Straping trailer to heavier trailer

Unloading Container

The first job we tackled was fitting the Skirt Retention Strip.It was marked out as suggested and no problems were encountered. After the first rivet, a paper-clip was opened out to a hook shape to hold the nylon spacer in position as the rivet was inserted. This completed all the lower fixings. Just in time we found out that the upper fixings were to be made with the black-coated rivets. After a count-up, this became obvious. Again the paper-clip was a huge help. The rear strip was drilled as advised and fitted. The spacings were not quite to my liking, but in the end only one rear skirt segment was modified and that may not need to be done at replacement time.

The next job was to fit the Rescue Lift Handles (3962). The front handles were spaced from the Skirt Retention Strip by a piece of wood about 3/8" thick which worked well.