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Training the World's Best Hovercraft Pilots Flight training exclusively on Neoteric Hovercraft Learn how to become a recreational, rescue,
military or commercial hovercraft pilot at
 Neoteric - The Original Light Hovercraft Manufacturer

Neoteric hovercraft are recognized as the industry standard for rescue, military, commercial and personal recreational light hovercraft. Founded in 1960, Neoteric is the world’s original and most experienced hovercraft manufacturer, with clientele in 50 nations. The Neoteric Hovertrek is the only hovercraft available with effective brakes, and is the lightest and quietest production hovercraft in the industry... more
Chris Fitzgerald, Bubba's Hover expert
Chris Fitzgerald, Pres. of Neoteric Hovercraft, appears as the hovercraft expert in Thinkmodo's viral video Bubba's Hover – now the #1 most shared video in the world. The BW1Hovercraft Golf Cart, manufactured by Neoteric, was commissioned by Oakley and golf pro Bubba Watson.

Military hovercraft LCAC training SSC Military Hovercraft Training
Chris Fitzgerald visited Assault Craft Unit 4, Virginia to review the U.S. Navy's LCAC training protocol, where he piloted a 100-ton LCAC. Officials are reviewing initial LCAC training on Neoteric hovercraft. Photos

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Neoteric Spotlight
http://photos.neoterichovercraft.com/galleries/miscellaneous/spotlight/photos/9crowdcincraft.jpg Rescue Hovercraft Pilot Training, Viet Nam
Neoteric President trains first responders from Viet Nam’s National Department of Rescue & Relief and personnel from Tuyet NGA Co. Ltd., a security and rescue equipment supplier.
See video & photos …

Image Washington mudslide hovercraft rescue Bubba Watson is flying high!
First, he created the hovercraft scoop of the century with Bubba’s Hover, the viral video unveiling the world’s first Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart. Now he’s scooped up his 2nd Masters Tournament win! Watch Bubba's hover …

http://photos.neoterichovercraft.com/galleries/miscellaneous/spotlight/photos/cflyingupramp.jpg Weather is no obstacle for hovercraft
Just like a hovercraft can handle any weather, so can Larry Borland, a 71-yr-old retired farmer from North Dakota. See him learn to fly his new hovercraft as he braves heavy rain and a fast-flowing flooded river. Story & photos …

Image Washington mudslide hovercraft rescue Report from Oso, Washington mudslide
A first responder describes the aftermath of the Washington mudslide and explains how Neoteric rescue hovercraft are assisting. “The debris field looks as though a bomb has gone off.”  Full report & photos …

Hovercraft video Hover like Bubba – HoverGolf Cart or not!
You can hover like Bubba in any Neoteric hovercraft. Check out this great video of a Neoteric craft in action at the Refuge Golf & Country Club in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
Watch now …

Dan Brown hovercraft photo “Reverse thrust buckets – that’s the ticket!”
Dan Brown wanted a vehicle to get him where nothing else can, so he replaced his Hovertechnics craft for a Neoteric. “Your reverse thrust buckets are what sold me. No other vehicle can do that!Full story & video …

Navy LCAC Craftmaster training Neoteric Hovercraft image Navy LCAC pilots train on Neoteric craft
U.S. Navy trainers visit Neoteric to explore the feasibility of using Neoteric craft for training military LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) and SSC (Ship-to-Shore Connector) craftmasters. Full story & photos …

Used Hovercraft for sale Hovertechnics Hoverstar Sportsman Sneak Preview: Hovercraft for Sale
Looking for a way to own a hovercraft without breaking your budget? The Neoteric Trade-In Showroom is the place to start. Here’s a sneak preview our latest pre-owned hovercraft, a Hovertechnics Hoverstar Sportsman …

deer VIDEO: Neoteric hovercraft deer rescue
Even if you’ve already seen the heartwarming viral video of the MedCity deer rescue in Minnesota, this raw footage is definitely worth watching. Video and more …

Fiberglass Laminator job opportunities hovercraft industry JOB OPENINGS: Fiberglass Laminators
Here’s another chance to join the Neoteric team. We’re adding to our staff of Fiberglass Laminators. Experience is preferred, but we will train the right applicants. Read more & apply …

PurchasingAgentPic.jpg JOB OPENING: Purchasing Agent
Here’s your chance to work for the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer - and join the team who created the BW1 Hovercraft Golf Cart for Masters Champion Bubba Watson. Apply today …

Fiberglass Supervisor job opening Hovercraft industry JOB OPENING: Fiberglass Supervisor
Do you have a background in high-end boat building or aircraft manufacturing? Neoteric is seeking an experienced Fiberglass Supervisor. Learn more and apply today …

webdev JOB OPENING: Web Developer
We’re looking for an experienced Web Developer to join Neoteric Systems, LLC, a division of Neoteric Hovercraft focused on cloud and web-based solutions. Learn more and apply today …

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