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Tribune-Star, 2 September 2017
Hurricane Harvey: Hovercraft built in Terre Haute at work in Texas
Neoteric hovercraft owned by Texas fire departments are outperforming other flood rescue vehicles in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As one fire chief says, “It is the perfect tool for urban flooding, as you can go from grass to mud to water to dry streets without any problem … it makes a rescue faster and easier.” …

Nueces County Record Star, 15 May 2017
Neoteric Hovercraft rescues man and pregnant wife from Brazos River
The Somervell County Fire Department’s Neoteric hovercraft rescued a husband and his pregnant wife who became lost and exhausted while on a tubing excursion on the Brazos River in Texas …

Shoreline Magazine, December 2015
Branch County hovercraft can make ice rescues safer
Sheriff John Pollack and Sgt. Rick Holtgrave in Coldwater, Michigan explain why their Neoteric hovercraft is an incomparable ice rescue vehicle …

Mt. Carmel Register, 7 October, 2015
Neoteric hovercraft called in to rescue stranded boat
The White River Hazleton Fire Department’s hovercraft has successfully completed numerous difficult rescues along the White and Wabash Rivers. Here’s an article about their most recent success …

Engineering & Mining Journal, 6 May, 2015
Clearing the Air
A Neoteric hovercraft is being used for dust suppression at a major taconite mining region on the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota. “The hovercraft not only expands access to areas that are difficult or impossible for other vehicles to reach, they also operate less expensively than other vehicles and cannot become stuck in the mud.” …

Hydro International, January-February 2015
Hovercraft-based Munitions Detection System
Survey efforts in shallow water present a challenge; when coupled with protected species and critical habitat such as coral reefs, they can prove impossible. Tetra Tech, in conjunctions with Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., has developed an environmentally sensitive survey platform which now allows for data collection in such areas…

WTWO-TV, NBC 2 News, 17 January 2015
VIDEO: Local Public Safety Officials Practice Ice Rescues with Neoteric Hovercraft
In winter, being out on the water or ice can be very dangerous, even deadly. First responders from the Perry Clear Creek, White River and Hazleton Fire Departments and their Neoteric rescue hovercraft practiced ice rescue operations today …

NBC-2 TV, 30 October 2014
Made in the Wabash Valley
Many companies have set up shop in the Wabash Valley, but not all of them ship their products across the nation or worldwide. Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., located in Terre Haute, is considered "a hidden treasure" …

Daily Republican Register, 3 October 2014
Nine inches above the Wabash
Firefighters and police officers from New Mexico and Indiana join forces for advanced hovercraft training …

D Magazine, September 2014
Wylie’s Hovercraft to the Rescue
Dallas magazine says Wylie Fire-Rescue’s Neoteric Rescue HoverTrek™ is “the most badass piece of safety equipment in North Texas” …

FastTIMES, September 2014
Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society
Tetra Tech MEC/UXO Detection System Deploys via Neoteric Hovercraft
Tetra Tech, Inc. collaborated with Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. to produce a new environmentally-sensitive munitions detection system capable of accessing shallow areas where no other watercraft is able to travel - where sensitive habitat is only inches beneath the water’s surface …

TBR NewsMedia, 5 August, 2015
Neoteric hovercraft rescuers kayakers stuck in mud
When rescue boats could not reach kayakers trapped in mud, the West Islip Fire Department in Long Island, New York saved them in minutes with their Neoteric hovercraft …

Rowlett Lakeshore Times, 23 April 2014
Man thrown off bridge on I-30
A Neoteric rescue hovercraft is the only vehicle able to rescue a Texas man stuck in mud after being thrown from a bridge …

9-1-1 Magazine, 16 April 2014
Firefighter describes critical role of hovercraft at Washington mudslide
A Washington first responder describes how Neoteric rescue hovercraft were used at the Washington mudslide – and says search and rescue efforts would have been severely hampered without them …

Coastal Breeze News, 7 February 2014
Out of this World Adventure Ride
Outer Limits Hovercraft Tours offers thrill rides unlike any other watercraft experience on Marco Island, Florida – on a Neoteric hovercraft …

CNN Breaking News, 4 December 2013
Deer Hitch Ride on Hovercraft
A MedCity Neoteric hovercraft rescues three exhausted, hungry deer stranded on a frozen lake in Minnesota – and the video goes viral …

Kingdom Magazine, November 2013
Bubba’s Hover
Golf legend Arnold Palmer features the Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart in his Kingdom Magazine

HudsonMOD Magazine, September 2013
Neoteric HoverGolf™ Cart
The WOW – You Know You Want It:
The future has arrived: You could be piloting a cushion of air across water hazards in no time with your very own personal hovercraft. Neoteric has garnered worldwide attention for the first hovercraft golf cart on the planet …

Daily Republican Register, 3 September 2013
Why float down the Wabash River when you can float over it on a cushion of air?
The owner of Neoteric Hovercraft joins a group of hovercraft enthusiasts for a cruise down the Wabash River, soaring over rapids and low water levels …

Tribune-Star, 1 August 2013
Hovering over a Terre Haute success
Editorial: “Neoteric Hovercraft has brought worldwide distinction to Terre Haute and Vigo County and deserves the community’s congratulations …”

Golf.com, 1 August 2013
Nancy Lopez taken for a ride in a hovercraft golf cart

World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez gets a crash course on how the Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart flies around a golf course – and the ride certainly didn't disappoint … 

WTHI-TV, 26 July 3013
Bucshon tours hovercraft company
Congressman Larry Bucshon went for a spin on a Neoteric Hovercraft on the Wabash River Friday afternoon, as a first step in assisting Hovercraft Training Centers’ expansion to military LCAC / Ship-to-Shore connector training …

WTWO-TV, 26 July 2013
Congressman in town to help local hovercraft company expand
Rep. Larry Bucshon visits Hovercraft Training Centers and takes an intro flight in a Neoteric hovercraft. Bucshon will advocate HTC’s expansion of military hovercraft training with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security …

Tribune-Star, 27 July 2013
Rep. Bucshon sees how military, first responders learn to use skill
Rep. Larry Bucshon to advocate Department of Defense military hovercraft training at Hovercraft Training Centers ...

Inside INdiana Business Television, 25 July 2013
Hovercraft Maker Strikes Deal With Ohio Golf Course
On Saturday, July 27, Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, will be the first golf course in the world to feature two Neoteric Golf hovercrafts for use as golf carts …

PGA of America, 17 July 2013
Buy your own hovercraft golf cart
PGA of America, the world’s largest working sports organization, features the Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart, the limited edition exact replica of Bubba’s Hover …

Tribune-Star, 17 July 2013
‘Flying’ on the Wabash: Yahoo! films Terre Haute-built hovercraft for business feature
Neoteric Hovercraft is about to be introduced to millions as part of the Yahoo! Finance “Breakout Profiles” series, which looks at unique companies doing extraordinary things …

CBS Sports, 9 July 2013
Bubba Watson’s hovercraft might be coming to a golf course near you
Remember Bubba Watson’s amazing hovercraft golf cart – the one that tried to break the Internet? You might get to fly one of your own in the near future …

USA Today, 9 July 2013
An Ohio course buys hovercraft
Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, becomes the first golf course in the world to own two Neoteric Limited Edition Hovercraft Golf Carts – the official replicas of Bubba’s Hover

NBC Sports, July 8 2013
Be like Bubba: Ohio course to use hovercraft carts
You may never be able to drive a golf ball like Bubba Watson, but now you can drive a Limited Edition Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart around the course just like Bubba …

Golf Digest Stix, June 2013
Riding on Air: HOVER LOVERS
Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart continues to draw attention – and orders, as people buy their own replicas from Neoteric …

Forbes Magazine, May 2013
Just Like Bubba Watson, You Too Can Own a Hover Golf Cart
Forbes Magazine says, “Cart paths? Please. This hover-cart leaps lakes!” Due to popular demand, Neoteric will manufacture 100 limited edition, numbered Hovercraft Golf Carts, available for purchase beginning this July …

Inside INdiana Business Television, 29 April 2013
Hovercraft Maker Enjoys Global Spotlight
Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald discusses Bubba’s Hover and gives Gerry Dick a joyride in a Neoteric Hovertrek™ …

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas USA, 17 April 2013
Mansfield Firefighters train to use rescue hovercraft
Mansfield firefighters now have something in common with Bubba Watson: they can skim across all kinds of surfaces in a state-of-the-art Neoteric hovercraft …

NBC-TV 5, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas USA, 16 April 2013
Hovercraft to Aid Mansfield Firefighters in Water Rescues
Mansfield firefighters undergo pilot training on their department's new Neoteric rescue hovercraft, which will improve their response during floods and keep first responders safe …

Yahoo! News, 10 April 2013
How the Bubba Watson golf cart hovercraft became a real thing
Yahoo News tells the story of how Bubba Watson’s golf cart hovercraft became a real thing – from its start as a napkin drawing …

ABC-TV, WRTV-6, Indianapolis, IN
Hovercraft depicted in viral video made in Indiana
Bubba’s Hover, the YouTube viral video of Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart, has seen millions of hits. Now Neoteric Hovercraft, the Indiana company who manufactured the BW1, is trying to keep up with demand …

Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN 7 April 2013
Viral Internet video casts enormous light on Terre Haute business, Neoteric Hovercraft
The viral video Bubba’s Hover is delivering loads of potential new business to Terre Haute-based Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., the business that produced Bubba Watson’s hovering golf cart …

TODAY Show, NBC-TV, 5 April 2013
Matt Lauer and Al Roker take a wild ride in Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart
TODAY Show anchors Matt Lauer and Al Roker “go nuts” flying Bubba Watson’s Neoteric BW1 hovercraft golf cart …

Fortune Magazine, 4 April 2013
Bubba Watson flies high on Neoteric hovercraft golf cart
Company President Chris Fitzgerald says orders are flooding in for BW1, the hovering golf cart Neoteric created for Bubba Watson and his sponsor, Oakley. Bubba’s Hover, the video of Fitzgerald and Watson with the BWI, went viral in just two days, becoming the #1 shared video in the world …

CBC News, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 3 October 2012
Moncton rescue crews test new hovercraft
Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald travels to Canada to train Moncton firefighters in their new 6-passenger rescue Hovertrek …

Times & Transcript, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 3 October 2012
Fire Department tries out hovercraft
In a demonstration of the safety of the Moncton Fire Department’s new Neoteric hovercraft, it literally runs over Captain Steve Crawford …

News 91.9 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2 October 2012
Moncton Fire Department buys hovercraft
City councilor Pierre Boudreau says Moncton’s Neoteric hovercraft is an essential addition to the fire rescue unit …

CBC News, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 19 July 2012
Moncton Fire Department buys hovercraft for off-road rescue operations
The Moncton Fire Department's new Neoteric rescue hovercraft gives a whole new meaning to the term all-terrain vehicle …

KING 5 Television, Seattle, Washington USA, 23 November 2011
Silvana flooding affecting holiday plans
On Thanksgiving eve in Silvana, the only sound was that of the fire department’s Neoteric rescue hovercraft checking on those cut off by the flood waters …

Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 23 October 2011
SCORE consults with Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.
Even well-established companies such as Neoteric Hovercraft can benefit from the business experience offered by SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives …

Daily Clarion, Princeton, Indiana USA, 15 August 2011
Hovercraft can be used on land, water, snow, ice
White River-Hazleton Fire Dept. acquired a Hoosier-made hovercraft Aug. 6 from a company in Terre Haute. Neoteric Hovercraft Inc. manufactures them to send all over the world …

NPS Digest, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, August 2011
Scores Rescued From St. Croix River Due To High Water From Rains
During the first week of August, the St. Croix Tribal Police, with their Neoteric hovercraft, assisted rangers in 17 different rescue missions for a total of 98 very tired and wet canoeists …

Burnett County Sentinel, Grantsburg, Wisconsin USA, 5 August, 2011
Swamped canoeists saved
The Neoteric hovercraft owned by the St. Croix Tribal Police retrieves 14 stranded canoeists in a swiftwater rescue operation on the St. Croix River …

NBC 2 TV, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 8 July 2011
Neoteric Hovercraft Appeal to Global Market
Over the last 30 years Neoteric has trained almost a thousand people from all over the world … this week it’s a group from China, led by an engineer from Austria …

Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 25 June 2011
Hovercraft training brings Utah rescue unit to Fairbanks Park
Neoteric Hovercraft conducts military hovercraft pilot training for U.S. Air Force personnel from the Utah Test and Training Range at Hill Air Force Base …

WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia USA, 15 June 2011
New Superboat to Speed Up River Rescues
“On low water, our aluminum boat can only go so far. With the hovercraft we can travel over rocks, shallow water, sandbars and shoals that would be treacherous or impassable to an ordinary boat” …

WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia USA, 14 June 2011
Roswell Adds Hovercraft for River Rescues
"We're excited about the ability of this machine to get up the river faster and take away the obstacles that we had in the past and make a difference in someone's life" …

Roswell Patch, Roswell, Georgia USA, 13 May 2011
Roswell Purchases Hovercraft with Homeland Security Grant
Roswell Fire Department says the decision to purchase the Neoteric HoverTrek™ was an easy one once the department saw its capabilities …

The Local, Stockholm, Sweden, 21 February 2011
Neoteric hovercraft rescue 10 people who fell through ice in Sweden
The Neoteric hovercraft utilized by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society assured that no serious injuries were incurred during 15 ice rescue missions last weekend …

Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey USA, 19 February 2011
Neoteric hovercraft accomplishes mud rescue where helicopter could not
Scullville Volunteer Fire Company’s hovercraft rescues 6 people stranded in 30 feet of mud in wind and weather conditions other rescue vehicles could not withstand …

Bloomington Herald Times, Bloomington, Indiana USA, 3 January 2011
Neoteric hovercraft aids rescues in water and on ice
Steve Stafford, of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Dept., launches Project H.E.R.O., a not-for-profit organization of rescue professionals/hovercraft pilots who voluntarily deploy their hovercraft to assist first responders in ice and water rescue missions...

Weston Mercury, United Kingdom, 01 October 2010
BARB counterfeit hovercraft fears
A reporter questions the safety of the rescue hovercraft, counterfeited from Neoteric by the Italian company Hi Tech International S.r.l., which were sold to Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue by HTI and now may be sold to BARB (Burnham Area Rescue Boat)...

Slipstream, United Kingdom, Issue 321, August 2010
Footnote to the ‘Chinese postcard problem’
Slipstream comments on the economic/industrial espionage committed against Neoteric Hovercraft by Hi Tech International S.r.l. in Italy; “There would seem to be no understanding of the ‘copyright’ concept in China, nor, apparently, in Italy”  …

The Birmingham News, Birmingham, Alabama USA 27 August 2010
Proposed expansion of the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge
Rick LeCroy, Neoteric Hovercraft referring agent and retired game warden, is featured in a photo gallery of the Cahaba River. His hovercraft can access areas unreachable by other watercraft. "It was amazing how it opened up our shallow river," says LeCroy...

Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 22-23 July 2010
Students from Seoul National University of Technology, South Korea, tour Neoteric Hovercraft
South Korean engineering students attending a four-week educational experience at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology are treated to a tour of the Neoteric Hovercraft factory...

HoverNews, Hoverclub of America, May/June 2010
From Indiana to India: A story of Hovercraft, Cricket and other British Institutions
Dave Reyburn, one of 8 Neoteric hovercraft owners who performed at the IPL Cricket Championship in Navi Mumbai April 25, tells the full story of the trip, with excellent photos …

The Goshen News, Goshen, Indiana USA, 21 Apr. 2010
Hoverin’ around the world: Goshen hovercraft champ to perform in India
Goshen resident is one of eight Neoteric hovercraft owners to perform at the Indian Premier League Cricket Championship in Navy Mumbai April 25 …

Lake County Echo, Crosslake, Minnesota USA, 24 Mar. 2010
Hovercraft to the rescue in Crosslake
The Crosslake Fire Department replaces its Scat hovercraft with a Neoteric Rescue HoverTrek™. “This new machine is much more stable and seats four people easily, which will make both water and ice rescues much safer and easier”

Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 2 Mar. 2010
From Indiana to India
Neoteric hovercraft journey to India to perform choreographed closing grand ceremony for 2010 Indian Premier League final cricket match in Navi Mumbai on 25 April at the Dr. DY Patil Sports Stadium, one of the world’s finest cricket grounds …

PV Mirror, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 5-11 December 2009
Lost in Time: Hovercraft and Crocs on the Ameca
Banderas Bay Hover Tours, with their bright, banana-yellow six-seat hovercraft, takes small groups of tourists …

Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 7 Nov. 2009
Building Floats! Honest!
Neoteric Hovercraft technology defies gravity to easily lift and move a 7,000-pound steel building …

Terre Haute, Indiana USA, 17 Sept. 2009
Neoteric Rescue hovercraft documentary filmed on Wabash River
See a ‘backstage’ photo gallery of the filming of Neoteric hovercraft, Air Evac LifeTeam helicopters and the Sugar Creek Fire Department performing a water rescue on the Wabash River …

Virtual Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 10 Aug 2009
New Hovercraft Tour Delights Participants
Just when we thought we’d seen it all in boat and water excursions, the new Banderas Bay Hover Tours company has launched an exciting ecological expedition up the Ameca River in a Neoteric hovercraft …

Virtual Finland, Helsinki, Finland, May 2009
World Wildlife Fund uses Neoteric Hovercraft for conservation efforts
Conservationists on Lake Saimaa use a variety of tools, now including Neoteric Hovercraft, to monitor seal populations …

Vallarta Tribune, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 26 Apr.-2 May 2009
Gliding on Air: Ameca River Adventure is the Newest Thrill in Vallarta
Banderas Bay Hover Tours is the only hovercraft tour operator in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico area, providing unique and exciting tours with their fleet of Neoteric HoverTrek™ six-passenger hovercraft …

Bedford Times-Mail, Bedford, Indiana, USA, 5 May 2009
Rescue rig: Hovercraft helps save lives on the river
More than a head turner, the Neoteric hovercraft is a life saver …

Bloomington Herald-Times, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 24 January 2009
Sailing over the ice in a hovercraft
Frozen lake a playground for low-flying machine …

Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, Finland, 14 January 2009
Hovercraft saves you in winters which are not winters
As warmer winters result in thinner ice, a hovercraft is the most effective rescue vehicle …

Kiro TV 7, Seattle, WA, USA, 23 June 2008
Hovercraft Rescues 3 On Sauk River
Three people were rescued after their raft capsized on the Sauk River near the town of Darrington Monday afternoon …

The Whitefish Pilot, Whitefish, Montana, USA, 5 June 2008
Hovercraft saves the day
Paddlers rescued in first use by high-tech craft …

Club Montée, Spring 2008
Neoteric Hovertrek used in film production
Director Wim Wenders used a Neoteric hovercraft in the production of “The Palermo Shooting” …

The Lay of the Land, The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter, Culver City, CA, USA, Spring 2008
Hovercraft: The Ultimate Vehicle of the Fringe?
Light hovercraft, such as Neoteric Hovercraft, are finding their way into their niche. And their niche is places you can't get to by any other means …

At the Wheel, Russia, May 2008
At the Wheel
Neoteric hovercraft were featured in At the Wheel, a major Russian off-road vehicle magazine …

RedSleds, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2008
Neoteric hovercraft were featured in RedSleds, a major Russian off-road vehicle magazine …

WISH TV 8, Indianapolis, IN, USA, November 2007
Hovercraft Soon to be Added to Central Indiana’s Search and Rescue Arsenal
The Indianapolis Fire Department purchases a Neoteric Rescue Hovertrek™ with a Homeland Security grant …

WISH TV 8, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 31 October 2007
Eric Halvorson’s Blog
A trip to Terre Haute gave me another reason to enjoy my job. A photographer and I went there, today, to visit Neoteric … the company that made the hovercraft for Marion County …

WISH TV 8, Indianapolis, IN, USA, October 2007
Local Emergency Management Will Soon Get Hovercraft
Indianapolis Fire Chief Jim Greeson said a hovercraft a can do things current machines can’t …

Associated Press, 28 September 2007
New hovercraft can be used for water and snow rescues
Emergency management officials in Marion and Hamilton counties say a new hovercraft will help with rescues on water, snow and ice...

WTHR TV 13, Indianapolis, IN, USA, September 2007
IFD gets Hovercraft
Firefighters in Marion and Hamilton Counties will soon have a new and faster way to make water rescues: a Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft …

Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, USA, September 2007
Homeland Security grant buys hovercraft
The hovercraft purchase was approved at the federal level for security purposes as well as water, swiftwater and ice rescues...

Wylie Fire Department uses Neoteric Hovercraft in Texas Flood Rescue
Read the details on our rescue endorsements page …

Neoteric hovercraft rescues dog on Lake Michigan
North Muskegon Fire Department use Neoteric hovercraft to rescue a dog stranded on the Lake Michican ice …

Everett, Washington Daily Herald, Everett, Washington, USA, 12 November 2006
Highly trained volunteers saved flood victims
Neoteric hovercraft play vital role in rescuing hundreds during Washington USA flood emergency …

HoverWorld Insider, May 2006
Neoteric hovercraft outperform other vehicles in F-16 crash rescue and recovery
Neoteric hovercraft rescue pilot after his F-16 crashes on the Utah Test and Training Range mudflats, and aid in aircraft recovery efforts …

KSL Television, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2 April 2006
Neoteric hovercraft rescue pilot after F-16 aircraft crash
The crash site was difficult to get to because it's across water, but emergency crews were able to use a new tool, two Neoteric rescue hovercraft …

Boating Magazine, November 2005
Airport eliminates aviation threat with a Neoteric hovercraft
Batten International Airport in Racine, Wisconsin USA has the distinction of saving lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating bird-aircraft strikes with a hovercraft..

Hilltop Times, (Hill Air Force Base) 27 October 2005

Over hill, dale and water too! New Range vehicles ready to go
Neoteric rescue hovercraft prove to be "perfect response vehicles" for the Utah Test and Training Range, which provides the largest overland safety footprint available in the U.S. Department of Defense for aircrew training and weapons testing …

HoverWorld Insider, April 2005

A Neoteric hovercraft eliminates solves bird-aircraft strike dilemma
Batten International Airport eliminates an aviation threat and creates cleaner water and a healthier bottom line with a Neoteric hovercraft …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 16 Aug. 2004
Nation-crossing hovercrafter stops in Terre Haute
Neoteric Hovercraft welcomes British explorer Robert Hodson to Terre Haute during his two-year, coast-to-coast exploration of America's rivers via hovercraft – the longest hovercraft trek in history … click here to see the photos from his 3 week stopover...

WTHI TV (CBS) Terre Haute, IN, USA 30 Apr. 2004
Hovercrafts on the Wabash
Neoteric Hovercraft bring tourism to Black Sea World, a new tourist attraction on Bulgaria's Black Sea …

Citrus County Chronicle, Crystal River, FL, USA, 31 July 2004
On the Rise: Neoteric Hovercraft
Travel Gear, a weekly Travel Channel program devoted to new gadgets and products for travel, features Neoteric hovercraft …

The Revolutionary, Winter Edition 2004
Revolutionary Hovercraft at Revcor
US-based Revcor uses Neoteric hovercraft for corporate team building, in-house training, marketing and branding. "After some research, we contacted Neoteric Hovercraft, who seemed to have the most technologically advanced hovercrafts on the market." …

Terre Haute Journal of Business, July 2003
Neoteric owner keeps the world hovering – and coming back for more
From judging Junkyard Wars Hovercraft to designing dragon hovercraft for Disney's Epcot Center to deploying hovercraft for Homeland Security, Neoteric has been involved in every stage of hovercraft science and sport …

Canberra Times, 7 May 2003
Hovercraft will break new ground in Canberra again
Chris Fitzgerald, President of Neoteric Hovercraft and organizer of the World Hovercraft Championship in 1989 and 2002, visits Australia to plan HoverWorld Expo 2004 …

Canberra Times, 3 May 2003
Back to the future to mark a space-age race on the lake
Canberra took a giant step into the future when it staged the world's first hovercraft race in 1964, and it will take a large step back to the future when it marks the 40th anniversary of that event next year with HoverWorld Expo 2004 …

Eric Shackle's eBook, May 2003
Hovercraft World Speed Record
Neoteric Hovercraft proposes a new hovercraft world speed record challenge for Canberra, Australia 2004 …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, 12 Sept. 2002
Hover Hype
Chris Fitzgerald, President of Neoteric Hovercraft, promotes a cool toy …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 30 Aug. 2002
Kids take turns riding in child-sized hovercraft
Neoteric Hovercraft builds "hoverchair" for children …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 17 Aug. 2002
World Hovercraft Championship will bring international flair to town
The 2002 World Hovercraft Championship will have more international competitors than any single Indianapolis 500,
says Neoteric Hovercraft President …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 12 June 2002
Hovercraft on way to patrol border
Justice Department buys rescue hovercraft manufactured by Neoteric …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 02 June, 2002
Hovercraft makes debut as pace car at Action Track
A Neoteric hovercraft used as the first non-wheeled pace car on a dirt track prompts the USAC Silver Crown Sumar Classic to go down in history …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 18 May 2002
Soaking experience doesn't faze emergency official
Vigo County Emergency Management uses Neoteric Hovercraft to rescue animals during flood …

Terre Haute Tribune Star, Terre Haute, IN, USA, 29 Jan. 2002
Ready to race
Chris Fitzgerald knows how to put on a show. Invoking the spirit of Hoosier racing and even James Bond, the hovercraft guru Monday kicked off the beginning of a big year …

Eric Shackle's eBook, Sept. 2001
World's First Hovercraft Race / Melbourne Entrant's Success Story
Australian journalist recalls 1964 premiere hovercraft race, in which Neoteric President, Chris Fitzgerald, was a participant …

Boating on the Hudson Magazine, 20 March 2002
Wave of the Future: Neoteric Hovercraft
A journalist and a Long Island, NY, USA fire chief describe how Neoteric hovercraft perform where other rescue vehicles cannot: "The Neoteric Hovertek is one of the most unique vehicles I have ever been witness to …"

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