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There is no vehicle comparable to a hovercraft – especially the Neoteric Hovertrek. With the Hovertrek, you won't own just a versatile sport and utility vehicle; you'll own more than 40 years of solid research and development, unsurpassed engineering, award-winning design, and the only hovercraft in the world with effective brakes.


I appreciate your interest in hovercraft and Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.

As you explore the ways in which hovercraft may benefit you or your organization, Neoteric is committed to helping you through every step of your decision. From being available to answer your questions, to customizing your craft to meet your particular needs and supporting our products with a lifetime guarantee, you can be assured that to us you are a partner, not just a sale.

Neoteric, founded in 1960, essentially created the light hovercraft industry. Our clientele now spans fifty countries, and our hovercraft are recognized as the industry standard for rescue, recreational, and commercial hovercraft.

What makes a Neoteric hovercraft different than the others? Our patented reverse thrust system will give you the only hovercraft in the world with brakes and the capability of traveling in reverse. Our craft are the lightest in the industry, an expensive feat to achieve, and feature a smaller fan than any other hovercraft made, which gives you greater maneuverability and stability, and a low profile. Our craft are also the quietest production hovercraft in the industry.

To learn more about Neoteric, and about hovercraft in general, I encourage you to take advantage of the variety of information available to you on our website. I also invite you to visit the websites listed below, all of which are events or organizations founded by Neoteric:

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DiscoverHover: The International School Hovercraft Program

HoverWorld Expo 2004

Photo Gallery: World Hovercraft Week 2002

World Hovercraft Week 2002 / World Symposium on Hovercraft Rescue

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