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Service Bulletin: Hovercraft Operations in Freezing Conditions:

Certain Atmospheric conditions produce Throttle and Rudder Cable freezing.

(1) Throttle and rudder cables can freeze if water is inside the cables.
(2) Cable end caps are not water-tight thus water can enter the cable during high-spray conditions, wash-down or if any cable end is submerged.
Any atmospheric condition where warm moist air (high humidity) enters the cable and freezing operating temperatures follow can also result in condensation and subsequent cable freezing and lock-up.
(3) One solution to cable freezing is to force anti-freeze through one end of the cable until it dribbles out the other. This must be done when any water that might be inside the cable is liquid i.e. best done in a warm environment and moving cable back and forth whilst filling aids the process.
In time the anti-freeze will evaporate and will get pumped out of the cable due to movement of the cable so this process must be repeated from time to time depending on the severity of the freezing conditions and how frequently the cable is operated.
It should also be remembered that many (Glycol) anti-freeze solutions are messy, toxic and can promote corrosion so should be treated with caution (use gloves and clean up spills).
(4) Neoteric have been experimenting with Glycerine (Glycerol) as a less toxic and longer-lasting anti-freeze. Although a 67% Glycerine water mix by weight will not freeze until around -52 degrees F it's viscosity is very high at this point so we are experimenting with a 50-50 mix which should not freeze at -5 degrees F whilst the viscosity is at acceptable levels to allow normal cable operations.

Contact Neoteric with any questions you may have. We would appreciate photos should you encounter this or any other issue with your hovercraft.


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