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Service Bulletin: Air filter box rivets

Correct placement and tightness of hose clamps should be maintained. Fan failures can result from untightened air filter boxes which can vibrate off and enter the fan. Check hose clamps for proper placement and tightness.

An incident has been reported from a Korean fire department that operates their rescue hovercraft in salt water. Corrosion appears to be the culprit. Galvanic corrosion occurred between the aluminum rivet head and the chrome-plated steel cap fitted to the end of the air filter.

If one rivet head fails, the rivet head and washer may enter the engine, resulting in the destruction of the engine. Neoteric strongly recommends frequent inspection of the air box as a preventative measure. These images illustrate the damage. If both rivet heads fail, a fiberglass air box cover can be released and sucked into the fan, causing significant damage.

Neoteric recommends that all craft owners drill a 3/16" [5mm] hole in the forward edge of the air box flange and use two wire ties (the same as used for skirt attachment) to secure the air box to the wire tie looped through the spark plug coil. Neoteric is currently researching all options for a long-term fix. When developed and tested, the fix will be posted here .

Contact Neoteric with any questions you may have. We would appreciate photos should you encounter this or any other issue with your hovercraft.


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