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Light Hovercraft General Specifications

1. General:

Characteristics and specifications for a light hovercraft which has broad abilities such as operations over thin ice, open water, swiftwater, floodwater, salt water, mud and marsh and which meets the following specifications will provide good service and will represent value in the eyes of the owner or operator.

2. Performance:

  • Payload Capacity
    • Average payload 500 lb (227 kg)
    • Maximum Overload 1,000 lb (455 kg)
  • Speed
    • With average payload cruise 25 mph (40 km/hr) over calm water.
  • Hoverheight
    • Average payload and maximum power 6 – 9 in. (152 – 228 mm)
  • Range
    • Average payload, calm water 50 – 60 miles (80 – 96 km).
  • Stationary Hover
    • At average payload, hovercraft must maintain static horizontal hover over ice, water or mud in 25 mph (40 km/hr) tail wind.
  • Reverse
    • With average payload, hovercraft must be capable of backing up against 6 mph (9.6 km/hr) current while on hover and in 10 mph (16 km/hr) tail wind conditions.
  • Floating Stability
    • In calm conditions, hovercraft must float indefinitely even if totally submerged. With 800 lb (364 kg) load on extreme edge of cockpit floor, no water should enter cockpit during any 5-minute period.
  • Lifting and Moving
    • Hovercraft must have 3 or more structural points (stressed to 3G) suitable for crane or helicopter lifting and for mooring, winching or tie down.

3. Physical:

  • Weight Empty
    • 500 – 600 lb (227 – 272 kg)
  • Width
    • Hard structure must not exceed 8 ft 6 in (2,590 mm) off cushion.
  • Height
    • Hovercraft must be capable of passing under 5 ft (1524 mm) solid obstruction (such as a bridge) when hovering on cushion.
  • Temp/Altitude
    • Hovercraft must operate between -30° F and 110° F (-34 and 43° C) and up to 10,000-foot (3048 m) elevation without major modification.
  • Drainage
    • A large capacity screw in/out cockpit drain plug min 4 in (101 m) diameter should be provided for ease of cleaning and emergency dumping of excess cockpit water.

4. Systems:

  • Powerplant
  • Electric as well as manual start. Gasoline, diesel or other suitable engine(s).
  • Protection
  • Fan and engine must be protected from ingress of foreign objects.
  • Skirts
  • Must be easily and quickly replaceable in the field. Average use life 100 hours. If segment type, must not blow out if one safety breakaway tie is broken.
  • Safety Switch
  • Must be equipped with lanyard or similar type of emergency kill switch.
  • Engine Icing
  • Must have some provision for preventing carburetor icing.
  • Power
  • Battery charging 13V minimum of 120 watt at full power
  • Landing

Under hull pads or skids must permit a safe emergency landing from 15 mph (24 km/hr) in any direction on blacktop, ice or mud without digging in or rolling.

5. Transportation:

  • Trailering
  • Trailer weight under 250 lb (114 kg). Capable of one-person operation and suitable for retrieving or loading hovercraft when engine is not operating.
  • Movement

When shut down, hovercraft must be capable of being manhandled. Four average persons (160 lb, 73 kg) should be capable of walking hovercraft 100 ft (30 m).

6. Life:

Hovercraft must be constructed from all new materials and components, which will last more than 25 years under normal use. Maintenance of structure, power plant and components must be of a level similar to any vehicle(s) having the same characteristics.

7. Options:

A range of hovercraft options must be available, for example.

  • 100-watt siren and public address system. Useful for operation in low visibility conditions.
  • A minimum capacity spotlight of 200,000 Candela.
  • GPS System.
  • Glove Storage Compartments.
  • Hover-on Hover-off Trailer.
  • Navigation lights, instrument panel and headlights.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Partial or full winter cab.
  • Reflecting decals.
  • Equipment storage compartment(s).
  • Bosun's hook
  • Throw bag(s).
  • Bilge pump (electric).
  • On board and ship to shore communications.
  • Portable fuel tank(s).
  • Salt water marinization package.
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