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Distinctive aerodynamic design

The Neoteric HoverTrek™ is recognized as an icon for design in the light hovercraft industry. Decades of striving for aesthetically pleasing designs have created the most distinctive hovercraft profiles in the world.

The HoverTrek™ design, however, offers far more than a sleek appearance: Neoteric’s engineers have achieved a masterful fusion of aesthetics and performance. Designed to fly, Neoteric hovercraft glide effortlessly through the air over land or water while, internally, lift air flows from the fan to every skirt segment with ease.

With the lowest profile and center of mass of any hovercraft on the market, the HoverTrek’s™ design also makes it virtually impossible to capsize, lets it easily clear overhanging obstructions, and gives it uncompromising performance through minimized air drag and crosswind impairment.

Photo six passenger rescue hovercraft manufacture NeotericA technician hand-polishes a 6-passenger rescue HoverTrek™ to a high gloss finish. From individual components to the hovercraft body, every HoverTrek™ is individually inspected and tested to ensure that no Neoteric hovercraft leaves the factory bearing a defect or blemish.
Image four passenger rescue hovercraft NeotericA 4-passenger Neoteric rescue hovercraft slices through air as it transitions from land to water. All Neoteric hovercraft are specifically designed and engineered to reduce drag profiles from all attitudes.
Picture hovercraft design six passengerA newly manufactured Neoteric 6-passenger rescue hovercraft awaits performance evaluation on the Wabash River. Each HoverTrek™ undergoes extensive testing before it is delivered to the customer. The HoverTrek's™ low profile, fully integrated design invarible attracts attention during the testing process.
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