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Introduction: The Third Decade

The 1980s established Neoteric as a global entity, as it solidified business relationships across the world and attracted customers from India, China, Japan and numerous other nations. Other customers included large corporations such as Alcoa Aluminum and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Intensive research and development efforts produced several new Neoteric models: The LeMere, later named the Explorer; the Racer, later named the Questrek; and the Neova. From 1984 to 1997, Neoteric sold more than 300 Racer and Questrek models.

The publicity the company received in the 1980s continued to be international in scope. Neoteric hovercraft appeared in three major commercial productions: for Labatts Beer, Canada; for Lord Extra Cigarettes, Germany; and for Hollywood Cigarettes, Brazil. In addition, Neoteric created 15 hovercraft dragons for Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In the late 1980s, Neoteric was instrumental in bringing the World Hovercraft Championship to the USA, and Chris Fitzgerald became a founding member of the World Hovercraft Federation.

During this decade, Chris Fitzgerald was appointed the first Entrepreneur in Residence at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the leading engineering college in the USA for eight consecutive years. Neoteric’s solid relationship with Rose-Hulman has flourished for nearly 30 years.

In 1988, Neoteric’s USA headquarters relocated to a new larger facility, where it continues to operate today.

A Photo History of Neoteric Hovercraft, 1980-1989

1980 – 1987 The LeMere, later named the Explorer, was designed, developed, manufactured and marketed.
LeMere Hovercraft advertising Germany
Explorer Hovercraft history
The LeMere appeared in Lord Extra Cigarette advertising in the German market.
This craft was used by the US Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a water temperature study at the Lake Oahe Dam in Pierre, South Dakota.
1981 – 1984 Neoteric participated in three major commercial productions in California; the first at Lake Isabella for Labatts Beer, Canada; the second at Lake Big Bear for Lord Extra Cigarettes, Germany; and the third at Lake Isabella for Hollywood Cigarettes, Brazil.
1981 – 1984 A corporate advisory board of volunteer directors was established in Terre Haute, Indiana USA.
1982 – 1984 An evaluator program for improving the Explorer (formally the LeMere) model was begun.
1982 – present A business relationship was established with Mr. B. N. Sinha, President of the Scientific Instrument Company (SICO), in India.
1982 – 1983 On separate occasions both Chris Fitzgerald and Robert Wilson traveled to India to set up hovercraft manufacturing at SICO.
1983 U.D. Mishra, SICO Manager, was sent to Neoteric's headquarters in Terre Haute, Indiana USA to learn hovercraft construction.
1983 – present Chris Fitzgerald was appointed Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's first ever Entrepreneur in Residence, establishing a long, solid relationship between Neoteric and Rose-Hulman. Many Rose-Hulman students still find employment at Neoteric today and are involved in internships and special engineering projects
1984 The Racer, later named the Questrek, was designed and developed.
Hovercraft history Neoteric Racer
Hovercraft history Neoteric Racer
This machine was a shortened version of the production Neoteric Racer & Questrek. It participated in the World Hovercraft Championship in Troy, Ohio in 1989 and won numerous awards. A later version utilized recumbent seating.
1984 – 1987 Parts were supplied to Neoteric by SICO India.
1984 – 1987 Neoteric supplied and supported 15 hovercraft dragons for Disney World in Orlando Florida, based on the Racer model. One Explorer model was also supplied.
Disney World hovercraft
Dragon hovercraft Epcot Center
Walt Disney dragon hovercraft
Chris Fitzgerald dragon hovercraft
Mickey Mouse hovercraft Epcot
Mickey arrives at a Florida kindergarten. To the delight of the children, he arrives by a Neoteric Explorer hovercraft driven by Neoteric hover pilot Greg Danner.
1984 – 1997 Neoteric developed, designed, tested, manufactured and sold more than 300 Racer and Questrek models.
Shipping hovercraft Federal Express
Shipping hovercraft air transport
Shipping hovercraft FedEx China
1985 – present The company designed, developed, and produced the prototype Neova 4 at Neoteric Australia and developed blueprints for its home construction. Plans are still being sold today.
Neova 4 Hovercraft picture
1987 – present Chris Fitzgerald co-authored Light Hovercraft Design Manual, the third edition of which is still sold today through Neoteric and the Hoverclub of America Inc.
1987 – 1989 Neoteric organized and conducted three light hovercraft design conferences at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
1987 – 1990 Neoteric designed a 6-seat 318 V8 Chrysler-powered utility hovercraft for the US Army Corps of Engineers.
1987 – 1990 Racer and Neova 6 hovercraft kits were sold to Japan. Neoteric obtained Japanese Marine Department Certification for the Racer and Neova 6 models.
Neova 6 Neoteric Hovercraft history
Neova 6 Neoteric Hovercraft history
1987 Chris Fitzgerald and present company employee Ralph Weas attended the World Hovercraft Championship in Germany, and became founding members of the World Hovercraft Federation.
1988 Neoteric designed, developed and supplied a 1 ton Hoverlifter to Alcoa Aluminum.
Neoteric Hoverlifter Alcoa Aluminum
Neoteric Hoverlifter Alcoa Aluminum
1988 – 1996 Neoteric designed, developed and manufactured the Neova Workhorse for Southern Illinois University; Onset Fire Department; Golden Sunlight Mines; Dr. Fowler and other customers.
Golden Sunlight mining hovercraft
This Neova Workhorse serves as a rescue hovercraft for the Onset Fire Department, Onset, Massachusetts USA.
This Workhorse was utilized by Golden Sunlight Mine, near Whitehall, Montana USA.
A 7-passenger twin engine Workhorse used as a recreational hovercraft by Dr. Fowler.
June, 1988 Neoteric's USA headquarters relocated to a new larger facility, centrally located in Terre Haute, Indiana USA.
1989 Neoteric and Chris Fitzgerald, in conjunction with the Hoverclub of America, Inc., organized the 1989 World Hovercraft Championship in Troy, Ohio USA.
1989 – 2001 A shortened Questrek for racing, named Racer, was designed, developed and manufactured. The new Racer then participated in the October 1989 World Hovercraft Championship and in many future Hoverclub of America, Inc. racing events.
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