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Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft – The Industry Standard
First responders worldwide have recognized that the hovercraft is the only rescue vehicle able to perform fast, safe rescue operations on swift water, thin or broken ice, flood waters and snow. Because it safely hovers 9 inches above the terrain, a hovercraft keeps the rescue team above the danger – not in it – and gives rescuers access to areas a boat or helicopter cannot reach.

But the Neoteric Hovertrek-Rescue is not just another rescue hovercraft. Its unique capabilities have made it the industry standard. Neoteric's clientele now spans 50 nations and includes the U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security; National Parks Services; airport Police/Fire/EMS services; and Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments throughout the world.

The Only Rescue Hovercraft with Effective Brakes
In rescue operations, sometimes backing up is the only way out. Neoteric's patented reverse thrust system gives the Hovertrek-Rescue the unique ability to brake, hover in place, and back up at more than 25 mph. Neoteric is the only hovercraft manufacturer to offer this crucial feature. Our rescue hovercraft are also the lightest and quietest in the industry.

Hovercraft Rescue Equipment Options
The Hovertrek-Rescue is available with a wide array of features and rescue equipment options including stretcher mounts, light bars, searchlights, GPS systems, VHF marine radios, cold water immersion suits and life vests, throw bags and wireless communication headsets. Each Hovertrek-Rescue is built to customer specifications, and is guaranteed for its lifetime.

Free Pilot Training
Neoteric provides pilot training/certification and preventative maintenance instruction with each hovercraft. On-site flight training at our Terre Haute, IN location is free.

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