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Contact: Christopher Fitzgerald


Marty Van Lishout is not your average hover pilot. With almost 1,500 hours of hovercraft driving, he must come close to being the U.S.A. record holder.

Marty first became interested in hovering in 1991 when he saw hovercraft at a Hoverclub rally in Wisconsin. After visiting Neoteric for a test drive in August 1991, Marty, his wife Darleen, and son Grant (champion swimmer who loves water) purchased a new Neoteric Questrek that month.

Recently retired as a bank manager for the Associated Bank in Valders Wisconsin, Marty now has even more time to hover. With a home situated on a shallow rocky stream, he is in an ideal hovercraft situation. He also loves communing with nature. "You know" he says, "I could not live without a hovercraft. Just tonight I was out hovering and could touch two deer swimming across the river."

After 300 hours of bumping his first Questrek around while learning to drive, Marty was ready for a 1994 model. In January of that year, he and his family bought a new Neoteric Questrek. Amassing 1020 hours on the new machine, with rings being replaced at 982 hours, Marty is now the consummate hovernaut.

In pristine condition his craft has only one battle scar, which was caused by a deer's antler. On his nightly hoverings, deer and other wildlife always greet him, sometimes even swimming alongside the hovercraft. One evening, a nearby hunter startled one of the swimming deer, which reared up and caught the edge of Marty's craft with it's antler. This has been the only damage in over 1,000 hours of hovering.

Marty has ordered a new Neoteric Hovertrek while deciding to keep his 1994 Questrek since it still runs well. Now, his son Grant will have a machine to use instead of always taking a back seat while dad drives.

To our knowledge Marty must be one of a very few hovercrafter's in the U.S.A. with so many documented hovering hours. If you are interested in learning about Marty's experiences hovering with nature e-mail him at slavecook@hotmail.com. If you know of someone with more hours write to hovernews.

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