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Neoteric Commercial Hovercraft
Neoteric hovercraft are utilized throughout the world for a wide variety of commercial applications. These include:
  • Mosquito Control
  • Forestry
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Research
  • Wildlife Rescue
  • Gold mining
  • Intertidal Zone Surveying
  • Environmental Services
  • Oil Spill Clean Up
  • Environmental Research
  • Pecan and Cranberry Farming
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Ice and Water Transport
  • Water Management

Neoteric's clientele now spans 50 nations and, in addition to the list above, includes the U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security; National Parks Services; airport Police/Fire/EMS Services; and Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments throughout the world.

The Only Commercial Hovercraft with Effective Brakes

The Neoteric Hovertrek is not just another hovercraft. Its unique capabilities have made it the industry standard for commercial applications. Neoteric's patented reverse thrust system gives the Hovertrek the ability to brake, hover in place, and back up at more than 25 mph. Neoteric is the only hovercraft manufacturer to offer this feature. Our hovercraft are also the lightest and quietest production hovercraft in the industry.

Free Pilot Training
Neoteric provides pilot training/certification and preventative maintenance instruction with each commercial hovercraft. On-site pilot training at our Terre Haute, IN location is provided free of charge.

Carrying over 1,200 lbs in an over-loaded condition, this Neoteric Hovercraft is adapted to control scum and algae in rice fields, as well as herbicide application.
Yuba City, California


Neoteric commercial hovercraft utilized by the Camden County Mosquito Commission, Lindenwood, New Jersey USA.


"With reversing system it can be controlled while moving towards target, can pass through narrow and meandering stream or river channel or even a water gate. On ice, it breaks speed."
Mr. Ning, Chairman
Huaihe River Commission


"...The greatest asset of your design is your reverse buckets … superb for braking and maneuverability. I cannot imagine operating a hovercraft without them. I appreciate it for its ability to take me places a jet boat or a canoe cannot navigate. Exploring these local rivers would take days by canoe and now it only takes a matter of hours."
Colin Weir
Alberta Birds of Prey Centre
Coaldale, Alberta Canada

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