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The Neoteric Hovercraft Team

Chris Fitzgerald - President
- Born Melbourne, Australia. Technical Assistant, Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne. Participant in the world's first hovercraft race. Production Manager, Fitzgerald and Sons Pty. Ltd., Melbourne. Recipient of International Rotary Foundation Award for Technical Training, and the Society of Automotive Engineers' O'Shannessy Prize for The Best Paper. Student of Farnborough Technical College, U.K. in Aeronautical Engineering. Trainee Engineer, British Hovercraft Corp. Graduate of Victorian Institute of Colleges in Mechanical Engineering. Research Mechanical Engineer, Readymix Concrete Australia, Ltd. Entrepreneur In Residence, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana. Former member of the Australian Society of Automotive Engineers. Member of the Canadian Air Cushion Society and the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute. Founder of the Hoverclub of America, its president from 1984 - 1986, and its Treasurer from 1986-1998. Co-author Light Hovercraft Design. Presented several papers to the Canadian Aerospace and Technology organization. Co-author of Hovercraft Technology, Economics, and Applications. Originator and promoter of national and international hover rallies since 1976. Active hovercraft racer and winner of numerous racing awards. Enjoys reading and tennis.

Eric Whalin - Assembly Supervisor
Eric Whalin of Marshall, Illinois USA comes to Neoteric with prior experience in the thermoplastics production industry, where he ran prototype injection machines and managed/supervised production runs. In his free time, Whalin restores vintage motorized vehicles such as trucks, cars and motorcycles, and he plays harmonica.

Mark Dial - Fiberglass Supervisor
Mark Dial, originally from Champaign, Illinois USA, first worked for Neoteric during his high school and college years performing wooden and later fiberglass hovercraft construction; he now manages the Neoteric fiberglass manufacturing division. After earning a degree in business from Indiana State University, he continued to work for Neoteric until 1989.For the next 10 years Dial worked at Hyster Fork Lift Trucks in Danville, Illinois as a system parts analyst. He earned a Master's Degree in Instructional Systems Technology from 2000 from Indiana University.

Sharolyn J Herring - Marketing / Public Relations Director
Sharolyn Herring is consultant to Neoteric in all marketing, public relations and corporate communications endeavors and is the author / SEO director for all Neoteric Hovercraft websites. She is the former Director of Corporate Communications, Sam's Club/The Wholesale Club and Director of Marketing/Public Relations, Signature Inns, Inc. Herring's career includes numerous awards for copyrighting, marketing, advertising and promotions in all media. She is an accomplished artist and recipient of awards for both fine art and advertising design. Herring studied Art, Creative Writing, and Marketing / Public Relations at Indiana University, the University of Nevada and Indiana State University.

Ryan A Dagey - Information Technology
Ryan Dagey is President of Dagey Technology Solutions, LLC in Bloomington, Indiana USA. He developed and now directs Neoteric's web-based manufacturing system as well as all the company's information management needs. He received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, then became Microsoft Certified at Comm-Comm, Inc., Indianapolis, IN. Dagey has a wide variety of hardware and software skills, including C & C, Basic & Visual Basic, Java, XML/HTML, XSL/CSS, PHP, Perl, Flash, Windows 2000/XP and Linux (http://www.dageytechnologysolutions.com)

Rob Wilson - President, Neoteric Engineering Affiliates, Pty. Ltd; Australia. Technical Director, Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.
A resident of Melbourne, Australia, Rob Wilson directs the Australian branches of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. With extensive experience in hovercraft design and CAD, Wilson co-authored the book Light Hovercraft Design. He is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Footscray Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Wilson's credentials also include: -4-year apprenticeship / Automotive Technician's Certificate, Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria -Engineer intern, Steelweld Cranes Pty. Ltd. -Project Engineer, REPCO Engine Technical Centre, Pty. Ltd. -Product Development Engineer / Technical Director, Fitzgerald and Sons Pty. Ltd. -Member, Australian Society of Automotive Engineers -Member, Hoverclub of Australia.

Daniel Ream - Fiberglass Fabricator / Painter / Glass Component Assembler
Danny Ream has been employed by Neoteric Hovercraft for more than 20 years as a fiberglass fabricator, painter and component assembler. His prior experience includes work as an automotive paint technician for the Ford Motor dealership in Terre Haute. He is also a member of the Indiana Air National Guard, and enjoys working with airplanes in his spare time.

Thiam Huat Ho - Fiberglass Fabricator / Gel Coat Applicator
Thiam Huat Ho, formerly of Malaysia, serves as a fabricator in the Fiberglass division at Neoteric. In Malaysia, he managed a gasoline station for a number of years before operating his own business selling telephones.

Barbara R Johnson - Office Manager

Filip Przybysz
A native of Bydgoszcz, Poland, Przybysz is developing new marketing directions for Neoteric. His experience includes working as a journalist for BBC Radio in England and for Polish National Radio in Poland. He graduated Bachelor with Honors in media and communication at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and gained a Masters in Political Sociology at Hogskolan Dalarna, Falun, Sweden. Przybysz recently published a book on U.S. and European Union international relations. With an interest in various forms of levitation and flight, he is a glider pilot and a hovercraft enthusiast and, in his free time, rides motorcycles and plays piano.

David Atkins - Design Engineer
A resident of Melbourne, Australia, Atkins operates his own design firm, David Atkins Design, Pty. Ltd., and has a long and varied career in product design in both America and Australia. His major clients include Telecom Australia and several governmental agencies. In addition to hovercraft design for Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., Atkins has performed vehicle body design for Mercedes Benz and International Trucks. As former Designer for Australian Consolidated Industries, Ltd. and Crown Corning, Sydney, his skills are behind some of the most familiar products on the market in Australia. He is also recognized as a designer and manufacturer of fine jewelry with unique Australian motifs. (http://davidatkins.com.au/cms/details.asp?NewsID=17) Atkins' credentials also include: -Product of the Year Award, Hoverclub of America -Gold Citation, Design Institute of Australia -Excellence Award, Institution of Engineers, Australia -Designer in Residence, Indiana State University, Indiana USA -Design professor, Melbourne Institute of Technology -Diploma of Education, Victoria State College, Australia -Associate Diploma of Industrial Design, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology -Victorian Student Award, Australian Design Institute -Member, Design Institute of Australia.

John Tabor - Machinery Assembler
John Tabor originally joined the Neoteric team in 1998. He left for a few years to work in industrial waste water treatment, then returned to Neoteric as a machinery assembler. Tabor started his working life as a loader, then moved into industrial painting of railroad freight cars and later grain blending machinery. He has also operated FMC Wicketer machines in the plastic bag industry. Tabor is also a musician and plays guitar in a band.

Ralph Weas - Business Manager
Ralph Weas, of Indianapolis, Indiana, manages sales, policy development, purchasing and human resources at Neoteric. His diversified business background includes management, sales and customer service experience in the oil, collections and fast food industries. As a member of the Hoverclub of America, Inc. for 25+ years, Weas has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, member of the Board of Directors, and race official. An attendee of the first World Hovercraft Championship in Germany in 1987, he was a member of the USA delegation that was instrumental in founding the World Hovercraft Federation. Weas has played leading roles in the organization of two World Hovercraft Championships in the United States, for which he also served as Chief Scorer. In 1982 in California, Weas participated in the production of the first television commercial, for Labatt's Beer, featuring sport hovercraft. He graduated from Indiana State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. A former long distance runner, his hobbies, in addition to hovercraft, include Formula One racing.

Keith Maxwell - Component Assembler
Keith Maxwell comes to Neoteric with 20 years of mechanical and electrical skills, as well as 13 years' experience as a security officer. His hobbies include cars and radio-controlled vehicles.

Chad G Steimel - Chief Engineer
Chad Steimel, from Vincennes, Indiana USA, manages technical data systems at Neoteric. He has an A.S. degree in drafting and design and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Indiana State University. In his free time, Steimel plays drums and guitar and enjoys motorcycles.

Steve Stafford - Hovercraft Flight Instructor / Law Enforcement Liaison
Steve Stafford of Bedford, Indiana USA has served more than 20 years with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department. He has more than 15 years of hovercraft experience, including many Search and Rescue missions for numerous agencies, including the Indiana State Police and the FBI, and contract work with the DEA using hovercraft for marijuana eradication. Stafford is a graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and a certified SCUBA diver. His hobbies include hovercrafting, railroads, & spending time with his family.

Levi E Wingler - Fiberglass Fabricator
Levi is experienced in a variety of trades. He served in the US Air Force as a power production journeyman in Iraq and Kuwait. He enjoys working outdoors and maintains vehicles and rental property.

Ryan M Pfister - Maintenance Supervisor
Ryan Pfisters background includes installation and supervisory experience in telecommunications. Pfister enjoys riding his motorcycle, camping, the arts, and spending time with his family.

Neil A Murtagh - Machinist / Assembly Technician
From Peterborough, England, Neil Murtagh comes to Neoteric with experience in mechanical fitting, machining, and machinery maintenance. He is a Mustang enthusiast and is currently restoring a 1968 Fastback. He also has an extensive film collection.

Owen Cunningham

Clayton Williams

Matthew I Losse
 Matt Losse oversees manufacturing at Neoteric Hovercraft, implementing procedures and systems to constantly improve manufacturing efficiency, ensuring product quality and safety of manufacturing environment for Neoteric employees. A native of Michigan, Losse is a graduate from the University of Vermont, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Experienced Senior Manufacturing Systems Engineer at Caterpillar, Boat Designer and Development Engineer at Douglas Marine, Losse brings his education and extensive international experience of project management to Neoteric Hovercraft, supervising company's manufacturing systems. In his free time, Matt enjoys racing powerboats, riding motorcycles and spending time outdoors.

Matthew R Rose

Wally Bryant

Clifford A Poehlein Jr - Design Engineer
 Clifford Poehlein Jr.is from Loogootee IN. He attended Vincennes University and has an A.S. degree in Drafting and CAD Design. He moved to Terre Haute to pursue a career in drafting & design at Neoteric Hovercraft. In his free time he likes working on restoring his 68 Chevy Camaro and watching football.

Jason Leturgez - Welder

Kevin R Pearman

Corban Field - Welder

Allison Hazel

Anders Chen

Kyle Bippus

Adam K Patterson - Fiberglass Laminator

Demetruis Vassar

Jerrod Patterson

Captain T Kangaroo - Test Dummy
 Captain Kangaroo is a Test dummy to create time on test jobs. Disregard Captain Kangaroo Please. CS137 17-Mar-2014

Mark A Gulley


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